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Growing since 1977 in Hammonton, New Jersey

Christmas Trees!

** We're SOLD OUT for the 2023 season **

Thank you for your patronage. Due to an unusually high demand for fresh cut trees, we are closed for tree sales for 2023 to ensure an adequate supply of mature trees for 2024.

Open regular hours for pickup of previously selected trees.


Tagging is permitted.
Select a tree from our 8+ acres
Blue Spruce, Canaan Fir, Douglas Fir, Norway Spruce and White Pine varieties.

Also available when you visit:
Wreaths & Grave Blankets - handmade on premises, tastefully decorated
White Pine Roping - handmade, thick and heavy
(made with fresh greens from our fields)

Sorry, we do not accept credit cards.

Opening Day Friday after Thanksgiving
Friday, November 29, 2024
Open Thursday...Friday...Saturday....Sunday
9 am to 4:30 pm

Closed Monday through Wednesday


When you arrive, take a farm map giving the layout of the farm and where your favorite variety of tree is planted.

Trees for sale are tagged with a price and location ID number. We price each tree based on the variety, size, and general appearance of the tree.

INSTRUCTIONS: Select a tagged tree, tear off the bottom section of the tag and bring the stub to the office. Our staff will prepare a receipt and you can have the tree cut that day, or you can schedule a later date for pickup. The tree will be cut and baled (netted) for easy pickup just prior to your scheduled pickup date.

Trees without tags are not for sale. This is to ensure we have a good selection of trees for next year.

Sorry, we do not allow customers to cut trees.

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Tree Care Tips

We suggest using lukewarm (NOT HOT) water to dissolve any sap that may cover the cut surface of the trunk. If the tree has been left out of water for several hours, we recommend cutting off about 1" of trunk and immediately put in cool, fresh water. We do not recommend adding any preservatives to the water. Note, a freshly cut tree may absorb up to one gallon of water in 24 hour period. If the tree will be left outside for awhile, we suggest putting it in water in a spot out of the wind, in shade, such as a shed or garage.

We suggest visiting for additional suggestions on Christmas tree selection, care and decorating.

Our Trees

Blue Spruce

Blue Spruce Branch

Blue Spruce has stiff, short needles on sturdy branches, suited for holding heavier ornaments. Trees have good symmetrical form, and color varies from silver-blue to dark green.
Needle retention: Good

Canaan Fir

Canadian Fir Branch

Canaan Fir (pronounced Ka-naan') is fast becoming a popular choice. Similar in appearance and characteristics to the Balsam and Fraser Firs, it has the pleasant aroma of the Balsam. The needles are 1/2 to 1 inch long, a dark green color with a silver accent underside. The branches have layered look and tree has a pleasant aroma.
Needle retention: Very Good

Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir Branch

Douglas Fir has been our most popular variety for years. Needles are 1 to 1-1/2 inches long, soft to touch and have a pleasant aroma when cut or crushed. Color varies from dark green to blue-green.
Needle retention: Very Good

Norway Spruce

Norway Spruce Branch

Norway Spruce has short needles about 1/2 to 1 inch long on sturdy branches. Color is dark green with layered branches for a more open tree.
Needle retention: Fair

White Pine

White Pine Branch

White Pine has a "fluffy" look with soft needles about 2.5 to 5 inches long, bluish green in color. Trees are generally very full, with soft pliable branches, but heavy ornaments may pull the branches out of shape.
Needle retention: Excellent

About Us - Our History

In the mid-1970's Dennis and Nancy Foster purchased 10 acres of neglected farmland and a farmhouse built in 1866. Dennis had a dream to fulfill---to start a Christmas tree farm and run it his way. First step was to divide the farmland into blocks and plant one block a year to sustain a continuing supply of mature trees. In 1977 the first block of seedlings was planted, but almost half of the trees were lost to drought and inexperience. In 1978 we replanted, and we planted a second block. With a little experience and more rain, losses were lower. We continued to plant a new block each spring with minimal losses. By 1982 a few trees were ready for harvest and we were finally into a choose & cut retail operation -- Holly Ridge Tree Farm. Two years later, another drought hit with severe losses, but we replanted and by 1986 the entire farm was planted.

The next five years went fine with growing, pruning, selling and replanting. We purchased some adjacent acreage in 1994, and in early 2000 sold some land to an insurance company to build their southern New Jersey office facility. We continue to operate with 8+ acres of trees at varying stages of growth.

We make and decorate fresh wreaths and grave blankets throughout the selling season using the greens from our fields.

To provide the best trees possible, we..

  • analyze the soil in the various sections of the farm and replenish the soil for good tree growth, health and color
  • keep the grass cut all year to minimize weed control
  • hand prune every tree each summer
  • control the number of trees we sell each year to ensure we have an adequate number of mature trees for the coming year.

We're delighted that our son, Jeff, is now a full partner in the company. He has worked with us since he was a young boy and is taking over operations as we ease into retirement.

We’re still experimenting to make our trees better for you. Dennis and Jeff are often asked to speak to other growers to share their knowledge and experience.

Remember, you can make your dreams come true.

contact us

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!

(609) 561 8575
116 S Chew Rd, Hammonton, NJ 08037


We’re conveniently located half way between Philadelphia and Atlantic City, just off Exit 28 of the Atlantic City Expressway. Use the map below to get driving directions from your location or feel free to give us a call.

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